March 26, 2019


"I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful reading I had from you last Thursday. The session was so full of information, I was barely able to digest it all. Thank goodness I have the session on cassette tape. Everything you said really hit home. You predicted I would be the center of attention either performing or public speaking. Yesterday I found out I will be giving a presentation for my company in Santa Fe. I'm so thrilled! I've been listening to the tape every day. I hope I don't wear it out."

Albuquerque, NM

"Now I know you're a good astrologer! In your reading, you gave me a date of July 17th saying I would meet someone who would become very special in my life. At that time, I happened to be on a photo shoot in Southern Utah. I almost forgot about the date until I met a man while taking pictures in Bryce Canyon Nat'l Park. I could easily have chalked it up to coincidence except that it occurred exactly on the 17th, just like you predicted! He is a tour guide, and now we are seeing each other on the weekends. I just can't wait for the rest of your predictions to come true! Thank you so much!"

Redding, CA

"Last August, you told me I would be married within a year. I didn't know what to make of it at the time, since I wasn't dating and didn't have any prospects. Three months ago, I met someone, and it's like we knew each other all our lives. Now we're talking marriage, and I couldn't be happier. If you hadn't told me about it in advance, I might have let it pass me by. Thanks for all your help."

San Diego, CA

"I had a mini reading from you on KIEV radio last year. You told me I was at the beginning of a new career cycle. A new opportunity would open for me in January—something I had never done before—which would turn out bigger than I could imagine. I thought you were giving me the usual fortune teller line. Well, January came along, and I was offered an opportunity to take over ownership of a successful flower shop on Lake Ave. It has been working out fantastic. I don't know how you predicted it, but now I want a full reading."

Pasadena, CA

"Last year, I consulted you about my daughter. She was suffering from anorexia, and we were all very concerned. You saw in her chart that the condition was not permanent and that it would not be a problem after February. To my surprise, she started gaining weight in February. Now she has progressed to the point I know she'll be alright. Thank you for your insight and help."

Philadelphia, PA

"In my last reading, you said I was coming into a lucky period for the last week of May and that I should buy a lottery ticket or go to a casino. I decided to check out the casino in Lincoln City. Within the first hour, I won $400. By the time I left, my winnings had grown to over $700. Wow! I couldn't believe it! Those lucky stars were shining down on me. Now I believe in you."

Portland, OR

"I've been to a lot of psychics and astrologers, but yours was the best reading I ever had!"

Rockford, IL

"Your insight and accuracy are amazing. You are truly a gifted astrologer."

Tampa, FL

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