March 26, 2019

Start A Psychic Line

A fully developed website for the sale of psychic advice to members on a price-per-minute basis (prices individually set by psychics).

Automated website has the following features:

  1. Desktop and Mobile versions included
  2. Use any Domain Name you wish
  3. Unlimited Clients (Members) Signup/Login
    • Automated Signup process for Members
    • Prevents duplicate entries.
    • Creates account with new member data.
    • Enables funding of account.
  4. Unlimited Readers (Advisors) Signup/Login
  5. Anonymous Phone Connections (Reader/Client phone numbers not shown)
  6. Administrator Login
  7. Automated Signup process for Readers
    • Prevents duplicate entries.
    • Access to registration after readers have been qualified to join.
    • Provides forms for psychic readers to input all relevant data and preferences.
  8. Login Page for Psychic Readers
    • Set availability status (available, offline).
    • Edit Reader Profile
    • Set password
    • Set Preferences (price per min., flat fee per call, contact info, etc.)
    • View payment history, pay history archives.
    • View recent sessions, session archives.
    • Send email message to Member (optional). Copy sent to administrator.
  9. Login Page for Members
    • Edit Member Profile (password, email address, phone).
    • View recent sessions, session archives.
    • Add Funds to Account.
    • Send email message to Psychic Reader (optional). Copy sent to administrator.
  10. Dynamic Reader Status display. In the psychic reader listings, the availability status of each reader is continuously updated to reflect current status:
    • Available - able to receive calls and take readings.
    • Offline - Unable to receive calls or to take readings. When a reader's status is offline, a Member may not order live readings.
    • On A Call - A reader's availability status will show as 'on a call' during any live reading.
  11. Revenue - Revenue is acquired through Members' funding of their own accounts so that they can order psychic readings. From their login pages, Members add funds via Paypal. Utilizing Paypal's Instant Payment Notification, the payment is instantly verified and automatically added to Members' accounts.
  12. Administrator Login Area - Administrators can:
    • View/Edit Reader data.
    • View/Edit Member data.
    • Add A Consultant
    • View/Edit all recent and archived sessions.
    • Do Payroll
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