March 26, 2019

The Astrology Diet: Foreword

The Astrology Diet

Dieting in tune with the stars is an idea whose time has come. It is inevitable that dieters would appeal to the forces of Nature for a diet that is not only healthful and satisfying, but would help them to lose weight quickly and easily at the same time. We see the subtle, yet powerful in­fluences of the heavens at work in such phenomena as the ebb and flow of tides and the change of seasons, and there is no reason to suppose they are not also manifest within our own bodies. Astrology provides the means, the understanding, by which we can live more in harmony with these natural rhythms to help restore the balance that Nature intended for bodily health, vitality and slender pro­portioning.

For centuries, farmers have used astrology to deter­mine the best times for planting and harvesting of crops. Even today, these practices are reflected in the Farmer's Almanac, which catalogues the phases or postions of the Moon in relation to the Sun. Fishermen, marine biologists and scientists, too, use this information to determine when ocean tides will reach their peak and the best times for catching or harvesting certain marine species. Many surgeons do not schedule operations under the full Moon because this particular lunar position may cause the body to bleed excessively. In more subtle and infinitely complex ways, astrology governs the many fluctuations not only of our moods and thinking, but of the biological cycles in ceaseless flux and reflux within our own bodies.

It is a natural conclusion, then, that these same astrological influences can be effectively used in weight-loss dieting. Through them it can be determined how to achieve the fastest results for the least effort and when certain foods should be eaten and others avoided for maximum weight loss. This information is of vital importance to the dieter to get the maximum benefit from his dieting effort and to avoid the unnecessary drudgery and depres­sion that are usually associated with the more traditional forms of dieting.

As one herald of the coming Age of Aquarius, The Astrology Diet is a forerunner of many new breakthroughs destined to bridge the gap between science and superstition, between commonly accepted knowledge and that which is considered esoteric. Astrology is already finding increased acceptance as a helpful adjunct in fields such as agriculture, health, earthquake prediction, etc., and in the future there will doubtless be many more. Like the Eastern art of acupuncture, which first met with much resistance from Western rationalism but now has clinics in virtually every major city of the United States, astrology as a science is coming into its own. It is my hope that with this very practical application in the field of weight-loss dieting, astrology may further be taken out of the realm of what skeptics consider superstition and achieve a new level of respect as a tenable science.

The aim of The Astrology Diet is to harness the planetary forces, to explain them in terms of your body, and to make them work for you. In this perspective, you shall see that your weight problems have not come about by accident, but by very distinct and comprehensible causes over which you do have control. In a systematic and comprehensive way, The Astrology Diet will help you understand your own individual weight problems and show you a sensible diet plan you can easily live with.

In reaping the benefits of astrological dieting, you may in the process discover a great deal about yourself. It is my sincerest wish that in this increased awareness, you find a permanent solution to your weight problems and the means to a healthier, happier life.

—Jon Stevens

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