March 26, 2019


The Astrology Diet

The Astrology Diet

The Astrology Diet combines dietary knowledge and the science of astrology to create a totally unique weight-loss system.

Format: Paperback, 272 pp.
Publisher: Freedom-Life Publishing
ISBN: 0-935173-00-5
Dimensions (in inches): 0.75"x 5.25"x 8.25"
Price: $12.95

Based on your Sun sign, The Astrology Diet is the first truly personalized lifetime diet plan. By telling exactly what types of food your body can best utilize on any particular day, this book provides a remarkable new way for persons of every Sun Sign to lose unwanted weight. Read More >>

A Healer Among Us

A Healer Among Us

The story of Douglas Johnson, America's foremost psychic healer. Foreword by acclaimed metaphysical author Jess Stearn.

Format: Hardcover, 335 pp.
Publisher: Cameo-Art Publications
ISBN: 0-71019-25-7
Dimensions (in inches): 1.2"x 6.25"x 9.25"
Price: $9.95 (e-book only, instant download)

The saga of Douglas Johnson's life—from tenuous beginnings as a sickly child with a life-threatening illness to his being recognized as one of the world's most outstanding psychic healers—is as unbelievable as it is inspiring. At sixteen, he was diagnosed as having the same serious heart condition that had caused his mother an early death. Read More >>

And Then There Were Ladybugs

A Healer Among Us

A mother's heartfelt journey following the loss of her son. Learn to recognize the signs of after-death communication.

Format: paperback, 286 pp.
Publisher: Angel Star Publishing
ISBN: 7-71102-22-8
Dimensions (in inches): 0.6"x 5.5"x 8.25"
Price: $19.95

And Then There Were Ladybugs is a story of love which transcends the bonds of time and death, a heartfelt journey which chronicles a mother's personal experiences concerning the loss of her son who died unexpectedly while in his early twenties. Read More >>

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Using a model of the solar system and 2-D motion graphics, Astrologer Jon Stevens explains the rationale behind astrology and how the astrological chart system came into use. View >>

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Using 2-D motion graphics, astrologer Jon Stevens offers an easy-to-understand primer on houses, i.e., what they are and how they add meaning to the astrological chart. View >>