March 26, 2019


And Then There Were Ladybugs

And Then There Were Ladybugs

A mother's heartfelt journey following the loss of her son. Learn to recognize the signs of after-death communication.

Format: paperback, 286 pp.
Publisher: Angel Star Publishing
ISBN: 7-71102-22-8
Dimensions (in inches): 0.6"x 5.5"x 8.25"
Price: $19.95

And Then There Were Ladybugs is a story of love which transcends the bonds of time and death, a heartfelt journey which chronicles a mother's personal experiences concerning the loss of her son Jonny who died unexpectedly while in his early twenties.

In recounting her story, author Marian Rowe shares the joys and hardships of raising her son—from stuggling to keep him alive while he suffered with recurring seizures all his young life, to helping him cope with a speech difficulty during his formative years, to encouraging the development of his remarkable artistic talent—all of which led to his emergence as a giving and loving young adult.

At the core of the author's message is a belief in a special form of communication that transcends time and space—a language unconstrained by the limitations of words that consists of signs, symbols and loving energy—which can only be heard when one truly listens. Through sharing her own experiences, author Rowe shows how each of us can read the signs of communication from loved ones in the afterlife, which can serve as a catalyst to continue and strengthen our bonds with them even though they have passed on.

Unlike books which try to preach a set of values or to get the reader to adopt a certain mindset, this book demonstrates by the author's actual experiences how, with God's help, one can survive the ravages of inestimable loss and find unexpected joy for living again.

Authors Marian Rowe and Jon Stevens are seeking stories of afterlife communication for publication in a forthcoming book. Please inquire here.

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