March 26, 2019

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A Healer Among Us

A Healer Among Us

The story of Douglas Johnson, America's foremost psychic healer. Foreword by acclaimed metaphysical author Jess Stearn.

Format: Hardcover, 335 pgs.
Publisher: Cameo-Art Publications
ISBN: 0-71019-25-7
Dimensions (in inches): 1.2"x 6.25"x 9.25"
Price: $9.95 (e-book only, instant download)

The saga of Douglas Johnson's life—from tenuous beginnings as a sickly child with a life-threatening illness to his being recognized as one of the world's most outstanding psychic healers—is as unbelievable as it is inspiring. At sixteen, he was diagnosed as having the same serious heart condition that had caused his mother an early death. He sought help from doctors at the Mayo Clinic who told him that if he was lucky, he would live two more years. On a subsequent trip to Los Angeles, he discovered the field of spiritualism, which led to a cure for his heart condition and ultimately transformed his life.

Douglas Johnson performs miraculous cures through what is known as 'laying on of hands,' the technique of placing one or both hands over the afflicted areas. Numerous case histories, many corroborated by medical evidence, have demonstrated his ability to cure supposedly `incurable' diseases. Take the case of Helen Garmus, a housewife from Allentown, Pennsylvania, who was cured of a rare and baffling blood disease—the case of Jeff Clarke, an electrical contractor from Alta Loma, California, who was completely healed in one treatment, after severe electrical burns threatened the loss of his hand—or the case of Josephine Hauck, who in one session was cured of glaucoma and inner varicose veins.

Johnson's life has been characterized by extraordinary psychic experiences. In the telling of his story, rare phenomena—spirit apparitions, disembodied voices, psychic visions, precognitive dreams, poltergeist, dople gangre—all come to the fore in a revealingly personal way.

After Johnson set up his psychic practice in Hollywood, California, many entertainment personalities sought him out for healing, psychic consultation or both. Film industry notables who have been his clients include:

Charlie Weaver. After having been healed of acute angina, the comedic actor wanted to move in with Johnson.

Diane Ladd. After several healing treatments from Johnson for allergic reactions, the actress was able to function and work as normal.

Shelley Winters. The actress was distraught when torn cartilage in her knee threatened to close down the off-Broadway production of The Effect Of Gamma Rays On Man-In-The-Moon Marigolds. After three treatments with Johnson, she flew to New York and opened the play as scheduled.

Laura Dern. At twelve and a half, Laura had developed scoliosis. After nine months of pursuing several therapies, which included Johnson's healing treatments, X-rays revealed that the curvature of her spine had returned to nearly normal.

Susan Strasberg. After an operation, the actress' father, Lee Strasberg, was not coming around from the anesthesia as expected. Susan made a call to Johnson, asking for his help. Twenty minutes later, Lee Strasberg sat up in bed. Johnson's long-distance treatment had worked.

In recounting Johnson's life, story, author Jon Stevens sheds new light on the experiences and influences contributing to the development of a individual with supernormal abilities. Stevens' approach is personal, sensitive and insightful, replacing the rendering of dry biographical information with stories that are clever, witty, funny and illuminating. His portrayal of Johnson testifies to an individual that is compassionate, caring, persevering, life-loving and triumphant. The book reads like a novel, but what makes it compelling is that it's all true, lending credence to the notion, 'truth is often stranger than fiction.'


"I come from a medically-oriented family, so I was at first a bit skeptical. After experiencing Doug Johnson's healing treatments, I'm convinced of his ability to heal. I don't understand what he does, but it works!"
SHELLEY WINTERS, actress and author
"I'm just glad there's a Douglas Johnson on the planet, and I'm so glad he's my friend."
—DIANE LADD, award-winning actress
A Healer Among Us - $9.95
Available as E-book only for instant download

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